National Rural Education Association Official Podcast

S02E06 - The intersections of education, policy, and diversity in rural education, an Interview with Dr. Christina M. Kishimoto

Episode Summary

In this episode of the Rural Voice, the cohosts interview Dr. Christina Kishimoto, former state superintendent of the Hawaii State Department of Education. She discusses the role of educators as influencers and policymakers. She discusses how teachers and principals have significant power to create and sustain lasting change. Dr. Kishimoto suggests partnering with policymakers by inviting them to schools and see education on the ground floor to better understand the daily challenges of education. The cohosts and our guest suggest that policymakers see how the curriculum is developed and employed in the classroom. These visits also help inform other financial challenges, resource allocation, and policy application in real life. Dr. Kishimoto also suggests methods for working with school board members and superintendents. Education is an important public issue, and working collectively can help address issues on the ground. Finally, Dr. Kishimoto suggests collaborating with various partners to encourage diversity and inclusion in the classroom and policy. Check out our Podcast sponsor WinLearning at